Salzburg 2012 – Draw Day

After a nice breakfast chatting with friends from recent tournaments, I decided for a walk into the Salzburg old town. Quite a walk, but lovely weather and simply magnificant views. Probably one of my favourite cities already at day one… 😄 The Stockholm city hall has a lot to learn here. Great cultural values, fresh exteriors, and easy access, can all be combined… If they would apply this to atleast parts of the old town back home, I’d pay for a visit here personally. Alright, a bit off-topic there, sorry.. 😉
Anyway, I warmed up for real, with three trips/runs in my wheelchair during the day, to (and from) the tennis courts (not really planning them all to be honest), and I also enjoyed a two-hour practise session with l’equipe Français.
The draw was for once favourable, Harald Pramendorfer (AUT), but I’ll try not think about it, ‘cause I need to focus on my own game: moving, moving, moving, and doing the strokes relaxed and properly, not complicating things. Hence, an early night.
Wish me luck.
All for now, over & out.


Namur, Belgian Open 2012 – First (and last 😥) Gameday

Not much to say, really…
I warmed up with my new good friend Pauline from France ( the only French player wanting to sparr before noon!..), and I felt really good about what needed to be done at today’s (ie yesterday’s) game, against world no. 9 Bryan Barten (USA). ..Not to be an embarrassment that is… 😉 Long returns and all shots at the back of the court..
However, first set was over before I knew it.. Most games were excellent returns from him in the corners, and pressed returns, often a meter too short from me. My serves were not great but Ok, anyway. He served really well.
Second set had a few more rallies. When I managed to keep the length of the shots despite being pressed, I won some nice points (had an excellent lob, and some nice killing returns along the lines to be remembered, alongside some advantage games). Thanks for the lesson Bryan! (0-6,0-6)
No doubles (odd numbers of players as my planned partner had to withdraw due to injury), and no consolation games (first round losers), as the French guys dropped out (too bad).
Daily practise with different opposition is fun and serves as memories to keep in mind though, nonethess. Made friends with two English youngsters with the same disability as me. That could really turn out useful, to see and learn from each other’s development (making you painfully aware of your own shortcomings at the same time 🙂 )..
Now there are a few days off after the tournament ends tomorrow (some sightseeing in Brussels, perhaps).
See you in Salzburg, Austria on Tuesday!
All for now, over & out!

Namur, Belgian Open 2012 – Draw day

Got up early to leave for Brussels before 7 am. Nice with some time to test the game courts ahead of everyone. The courts for us ”quads” (less agile players, to put it simply), are indoors during this tournament. A bit hot as the sun is scorching outside, but I don’t mind not having to adjust for sunlight or gusty winds…:-)
The first warm-up with the Paralympic doubles players, aka my team mates from home, felt Ok, given that I hurt (fractured?) my ribs in a fall the other week, resulting in shortness of breath and somewhat reduced mobility. Not much to do about ribs, and I was told they don’t get worse from activity, so bite down and endure it, my friend! 🙂
Pain is after all just information you don’t always have to listen to..;-). I’ll just adjust my playing tactics somewhat…Don’t worry… I won’t overdo it.
The draw was tough, as it can be at this level..(a bit above mine to be honest). I likely won’t start until Thursday, meeting world no. 9, Bryan Barten (USA). My friend Anders (ranked 7th), told me: ”his strength is that he doesn’t miss much”.
Hey, why not learn from the best, while you’re at it..?;-)
Sadly there won’t be any doubles for me. Odd number of players, and my planned partner, dropped out due to injury. Get well, Boniface!
Lots of time for practise though..
Both singles and doubles today.. I enjoy pushing myself (I seem to relax my muscles better).
Why not in the company of top players?;-)

À bientôt!
All for not, over and out!