Berlin 2012 – Consolation Game

I need to get my head straight..😁
Today I played a consolation game (first round losers) against Nick Nobbe (GER). He has the same disability as me, and the same issues with coordination and staying relaxed when you move your wheelchair and hit the ball at the same time. Hence, I was looking forward to a fun and close game.
The outcome was something completely different, though. I moved quite well, but I just didn’t ”embrace” the ball and didn’t keep the stroke relaxed with a complete follow-through as I should. I felt too pushed to get the ball across, so I just pushed the strokes too hard, not focusing on the ”sweet spot” and spinning the ball, thus missing out too often. But why…? He didn’t hit that hard. He had quite secure serves, but all I needed was to keep the ball deep and inside the court. He made the same type of inexplicable mistakes I sometimes do due to stress, so why didn’t I keep calm? I just made too many unforced errors. Believe in what you do on an almost daily basis back home, man!😁
I had quite a few great games, but failed in consistency.
Quite a few a advantage games as well, without me staying cool, when I had my chances..2-6, 2-6.
Time to start believing in my own movement and strokes across the court, really..
This loss was all due to that I didn’t beleive in that I can win long rallies, and that I tried to kill off the points too soon with unnecessarily difficult shots.
Enough wining, but it’s high time to get my self-confidence sorted. 😁
A few nice days are at an end.
All for now, over & out.


Berlin 2012 – Day 2

A nice breakfast and probably the best warm-up ever, with the German squad.
Really relaxed and nice wheelchair movements…
Just after that, I was up against ”the second best German”, Marcus Laudan.

I played some really nice rallies and I won quite a few when my tactics (to hit the ball deep onto his side) fell into place. Sadly he had precise serves and could out-manouvre me…😁
I also made too many errors. I just can’t trust my backhand stroke… Something to work on, there…😁
After quite a few looong advantage games, the score wasn’t quite indicative of my game…
I lost 0-6, 1-6, so I’m not claiming much, but the stat’s of points won, would have been much more appealing..😄 One of the best competition matches I’ve played I think, all in all.. 😌
I then went to sleep for an hour or so, to get (even) better and cure the other night’s sleep depravation.
It actually paid off! 😄
Me and Adam won the next double’s game (round robin this time, all teams playing each other)! We focused on not making mistakes, getting the ball across, played deep, and keeping our chairs rolling. Eventually they (Marcus Kaudan (GER)/Peter Tatschl AUT)), made more mistakes than we did..Finally the tactics paid off!😄 6-3, 6-4 (we were down 1-3 in the second set). Probably my best competition game so far. I even managed to produce a perfect serve!.. Quite a nice feeling…
Some playing’s still left (you’ve got to make use of the opportunity to play with as many different players as you can, to learn some more..), but the tournament is over.
Danke Schön, Berlin! (Although I have yet to see any sights)

All for now, over & out!

Berlin 2012 – Day 1

A bit strange to watch a Swedish annual Christmas eve tradition (the Disney cartoon Mickey’s caravan holiday) on a German Flight…Funny enough I didn’t know some parts had been cut out ever since the early 60’s…

The draw was difficult but not the worst possible, playing Marcus Laudan (GER) on Friday. Powerful serves and a forehand with a lot (!) of topspin…No coordination or trunk movement issues for this guy..😁
After practise with the first seeded player/my doubles partner Adam Field (GBR) I felt ok and happily surprised, as the courts weren’t clay, but of some track’n’field look-alike type that felt more like the indoor surface I’m used to.. 😄
I was hoping for a day’s rest after getting up at 3 am to catch the flight, but the schedule was changed, so we had to suit up for doubles…😁
To be honest I was too tense and made too many simple mistakes, like enabling them (Nobbe/Laudan, Max (GER) to play strong forehands. Max’s powerful forehands (yes the other Laudan twin), made me strain my arm a bit… Aoutch.. More weight lifting needed.. 😉
Adam made a few unexpected unforced errors, but I was the one who lost us the game. Couldn’t stick to the tactics really, since I was often pressed for time. Well, I’d better forget the frustration and learn from the mistakes, I guess.. 3-6, 4-6..😁
An early night awaits, nighty night!
All for now, over & out!

Salzburg 2012 – Post Game Day 1

I booked a practice court with my doubles partner to loosen up the both of us after the bad play yesterday. He didn’t show up (bad weather normally means ”no practice courts” during this tournament (lack of indoor courts).
I was meaning to do some serves nonetheless, and hoped for the best.
However, as is sadly not uncommon on the tour, some Russians were playing without having booked. It’s common to help each other out and to play together when needed, but to at the x:th tournament straight, not book courts and to play ignorant, is just not nice. A diplomatic crisis was close when they tried to void my booking.
”No partner, no play” on the one side and ”No booking, no play” on my side…😒
When I showed them the booking of ”Petter Edström”, and their coach said, ”Yes, look, ”Pellegrina” (a Swiss), no play” my temper was truly tested…😁
Funny enough, the eventual practise with a hard hitting Russian was one of the best for ages. I had to give myself time to complete the strokes, hence the forehands felt great, with the follow-through I know I can do… Even the serves were good. Maybe a new idea for more power coming up…
Probably some practice tomorrow as well, but if not, this trip anyway ended on a happy note…
All for now, over & out.

Salzburg 2012 – Game Day 2

Merci Thomas (FRA) for the early warm-up.
Second seed Adam Field (GBR) proved way too much as assumed, although this time around I played more relaxed, moving more consistently. On this level, giving away half games here and there, doesn’t cut it though. Some nice rallies and pleasant placements, but bad serving is my downfall still. Needs to be dealt with severely, when I get home next week… 1-6, 0-6. I did have a break point to 2-2 in the first set though, if my memory serves me right.
I didn’t write yesterday. I was too disappointed in the doubles game me and Tatschl (AUT) should have won against Donskoy (RUS)/Sappino (FRA). I started serving badly and we were just behind all the way through first set.
In one of my service games we managed to turn it around though. From 0-40 (serves again..😖) I had two deep, perfect (well..) backhand (!) crosses, and two killer forehand volleys (yippie!) that will stay with me. If one game is to be kept from this week, this one is it..
We had a break-point at 3-3 to go 4-3, but couldn’t keep our calm really, wacking the ball too hard. Too many unforced errors at crucial points…
In the second set, the sun complicated the serving for us, and us two left-handed players couldn’t coordinate our strategy well enough..(First time for us playing together). The scorching heat took its toll on poor Peter who can’t sweat. The stability I needed from him hence ran out, and we lost too easy. 3-6, 1-6.
This loss was very hard on me, but good serves and returns just can’t be underestimated.
I need to practise a bit more on my French as well. Since I try to use it with the French, Belgian and Swiss players on a regular basis, I was put at the French/Belgian table at the dinner in the beautiful casino. I must be learning… Or maybe it’s just that I’ve like them started eating bread without butter with all the meals, and mayo with fries..😉 French Fries are actually Belgian if you didn’t know…😄

Once I calmed myself down, I booked a practise court for tomorrow (ie today) just to get my head straight before I leave… I can play better…
All for now, over & out.

Salzburg 2012 – Game Day 1

Early breakfast, as my friend Thomas Huguenin (FRA) wanted help to warm up before his match at 9 am.
He won on Walk-Over though, as his opponent reported sick from fever.
More practise time for me… Nice…
A planned doubles session for us two together with Jance (FRA) and Field (GBR) a bit later, added to the optimal warm-up for my game. Loose and agile muscles from lots of activity… 😃
The Austrian I played had no triceps muscles (@ the back of the upper arm) and moved really slowly, so I was told by friends to keep it simple. (Altered racquet grip for) more top-spin is useful on clay as the spin exaggerates the bounce (hopefully out-of-reach). I put it to good use today, as most of my strokes were calm and collected (lower tempo from my opponent enabled this). Cruel tactics, but effective and used by most, since we all have our weaknesses. 😉
Some really nice cross-shots and (to him) annoying baseline shots out of reach, on forehand, and (surprisingly) backhand as well.
Most of my misses were unforced errors, and due to too lose serves, so today’s main lesson is to keep both cool and focus. It was quite a new experience to try to play well when the tempo is the opposite from during a normal competition game. The score didn’t reveal this though, I managed to keep it together when 0-30 or 40 all (deuce) turned up a few times. 6-0, 6-0. Some nice ranking points on this tournament level, to top it off! 😃
Disappointing serves, however. I practised hard serves and returns just after the game with friendly Antonio Raffaele (ITA), to keep the mood up for tomorrow’s game against world no. 19 Adam Field (GBR). Thanks for helping me out, Danni di Toro (AUS)! Let’s hope I do better than last time I met Adam…
Congrats on the win in doubles fellow Swede Peter Wikstrom!
Need to go to sleep. Interesting doubles tomorrow, as well..
All for now, over & out.