Berlin 2012 – Consolation Game

I need to get my head straight..😁
Today I played a consolation game (first round losers) against Nick Nobbe (GER). He has the same disability as me, and the same issues with coordination and staying relaxed when you move your wheelchair and hit the ball at the same time. Hence, I was looking forward to a fun and close game.
The outcome was something completely different, though. I moved quite well, but I just didn’t ”embrace” the ball and didn’t keep the stroke relaxed with a complete follow-through as I should. I felt too pushed to get the ball across, so I just pushed the strokes too hard, not focusing on the ”sweet spot” and spinning the ball, thus missing out too often. But why…? He didn’t hit that hard. He had quite secure serves, but all I needed was to keep the ball deep and inside the court. He made the same type of inexplicable mistakes I sometimes do due to stress, so why didn’t I keep calm? I just made too many unforced errors. Believe in what you do on an almost daily basis back home, man!😁
I had quite a few great games, but failed in consistency.
Quite a few a advantage games as well, without me staying cool, when I had my chances..2-6, 2-6.
Time to start believing in my own movement and strokes across the court, really..
This loss was all due to that I didn’t beleive in that I can win long rallies, and that I tried to kill off the points too soon with unnecessarily difficult shots.
Enough wining, but it’s high time to get my self-confidence sorted. 😁
A few nice days are at an end.
All for now, over & out.


Författare: Petter Edström

International tennis player. Former world #1 in swimming and R&D Developer in telecom


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