Czech Indoor, 2013 – Day 2, Day 3

Consolation, first round against Virgil Silva (FRA). This wasn’t really fair, due to his high injury.
I however got to practise my follow-through and not looping too high backhand (without control). It was a nice warm-up for the doubles, with some nice killer shots using the forehand slice down the line.
6-0, 6-0. Bien joué, en tout cas, Virgil.

Next was the doubles with my good Floridian friend Marc McLean. We were up against the equally super-friendly Jance/Fraioli (FRA). We played really well in the first set and stormed on to win it, with me placed to enable mostly forehands. (Ah well, it was tight, but we kept to our tactics, focusing on deep shots in the middle, and aiming at week backhands (as most do in wheelchair doubles).
In the second set, they pushed a bit harder, pressing us further for time. We would’ve needed to adjust, but we (honestly: I) gave them too many short balls for easy winners.
We managed to stay focused during the match tie-break however, winning 6-4,1-6, 10-4. A fun game with some nice plays to remember when tactics actually worked…:-)

The next day consolation semi was against Thomas Huegenin(FRA).
He plays quite hard, well-placed (although quite flat) forehands. I had quite a few nice loopy winners, both on the cross-backhand and the deep forehand. However, i get stressed too quickly, affecting my (in-)consistency. A nice game, despite 1-6, 0-6, but I need to stay at the back, wanting a looong follow-through. Not these spastic attempts at getting the ball across quickly.

In the doubles we were up against the no. 1 seeds Huegenin/Erismann (FRA). Too tough… Our tactics to ”hide” my week backhand was simply not effective. The placed too well and too hard for that. 0-6, 0-6. Not much to remember, honestly.
Thanks for this year, lovely Prague!
Over & out!