Ile de Ré, France 2014 – In summary

Day 1 –Lost in singles to superior opposition, Victor Sanchez (ESP). A great win in doubles though..
Dorrie Timmermans (yes us quads (upper body impaired) play together), made me play relaxed and therefore really well. Even when serving (lower tosses due to the wind, but focus on racquet speed). 6-2,6-2 against Sophie Fraioli/Jerome de Meyere (FRA).

A rematch against Sophie awaits tomorrow in the singles consolation round (first round losers). I have improved since last year, so the game should be more fun..

Note to myself: enjoy!IledeRe_2014_1

Day 2 –
I lost my consolation game.. Didn’t move as much as I’d needed, and the strong winds took away all the time I would’ve needed…Bien jouée, Sophie Fraioli!! Focus on using the back court more! ALWAYS get back asap. Otherwise, you’re toast…

The doubles game was great fun. Played better and better against James Shaw/Adam Field (GBR). 3-6, 6-4, and we were up 7-4 in the deciding match tiebreak (‘til 10), trying to arrange relaxed forehand strokes & slices for me at the far forehand side, alongside Dorrie Timmermans’ excellent power play. Some steps forward with great backhand loops and topspin forehands to the back of the court, but not all the way… Playing alongside the subsequent singles winner Dorrie Timmermanns (NDL) was a treat! Three points away from a final isn’t too bad, though…


No tennis wheels (got to borrow some from friendly Konstantin from Switzerland), delayed bagage, all-in-all a decent and promising performance (Note to self: Use the back-court after shots), an excellent tournament organization (the first year as an ITF2) , the beach next-door and magnificent friends!

All for now, over & out!


German Open 2014 – In Summary

Day 1 – A nice win with focus on some rallies and relaxed strokes..Thanks for your efforts Werner Pramendorfer (AUT). Ian Payne (GBR) is next.

A super-nice doubles with Becky Coleman (GBR) (yes, us Quads (upper body impaired) play all in one division). We lost to Alfredo Di Cosmo and Peter Tatschl (ITA/AUT), 1-6,1-6, but we managed to produce some excellent rallies and winners. It was good fun!:-) Don’t you just love doubles’ tactics? Deep in the middle, and high loops with spin.. More doubles games coming up, as we play all the other teams too (round-robin).

Day 2 – Played my best singles play ever today, I think… Started with a break in Ian Payne’s serve, and was up 40-0 in my serve. Forehand slice returns down the line, long (!) backhand slices placed in the corners, rallies with (mostly) forehand winners out of reach. Happy as a baby!!… For about 10 minutes.. Then the shorter shots emerged, as they do… Lost 1-6 1-6 (right, Ian? memory loss here…), but had a great time. The feeling of perfection is nice, no matter how short!:-) Me and Becky Coleman (GBR) lost our two doubles games (against Brittish Payne/Green and the German Laudan brothers). We played quite ok, but the first set against the Laudan’s was actually great!! We lost 2-6, but had loads of advantage games, and some looong rallies, switching sides, playing high and deep, relaxed strokes, and killer slices, as one should. Sooo pleased to play as during practise for once!

French Open 2014 – In Summary

This year’s French Open was a disappointment game wise. The draw was so big I had to play a qualifying round, against Alfredo Di Cosmo (ITA). A nice fellow but a very hard opponent given his powerful slices and untaped grip. Not much to savour as I didn’t serve not returned as I would have needed.

The first consolation round was way more interesting, against Polidori (ITA). Well placed shots in the corners is his trade mark, but as they also are quite slow, rallies are quite doable once you plan ahead, move swiftly and return high close to the baseline. Long relaxed rallies quite a lot more often than I had even hoped for… Sadly his experience got the better of me. I often tried too much, too hard, and too soon.
The result doesn’t show (1-6, 0,6), but this was a very nice game, with a dominant feeling of ”he´s beat-able”, to bring home….:-)

The doubles with my good friend Peter Tatschl (AUT), was fun as always, but against the opposition Ben Uriel/Erenlib (ISL) too short and stressed shots are not good enough. A few close games, but the score was eventually 0-6, 1-6).
Tips from my good top-ten-ranked friends convinced me to lower my wheelchair seat for a longer/more powerful push and a better back balance. Felt promising, albeit a bit late…
I hope for better luck next time…
All for now, over & out!