North West Challenge, Preston UK – Day 2

I was up against top seed Shraga Weinberg (ISR)..:-(
However when I kept my returns long as one should, rallies were started.. Had quite a few really nice rather long rallies, but sadly couldn’t capitalize on the open-court straight shots I was given/produced. His top-spin was a bit harder than I anticipated..:-( (Although not impossible once you get the hang of it, the doubles later taught me..)
A few advantage games and three games points, will stick with me as proof of steps taken forward, although I lost 0-6, 0-6..

The doubles (me and Anders Hård against Weinberg/Lev (ISR)) proved both a lot of fun, challenging, at times quite close, disapponting, and a proof of improvements, all rolled into one.
Quite tight games all the way, although we were one step behind for most of the game: 1-2, 2-2, 2-4, 4-4, 4-5, and then two game points to go 5-5.. Instead of securing a very tight finish we sadly lost 4-6, in the first set.
The second set continued quite promising, but sadly Lev’s strong volleys and lay-aways at the net, combined with Weinberg’s strong top-spins got the better of us.. 4-6, 3-6.
All current disappointment aside though, I guess I have never played a more consistent and well played doubles game.
In a few days, I hope to feel proud..

A great tournament at an end for me. Cheering for Anders in the semi’s against Shraga Weinberg next (tomorrow).
All for now, over & out!


North West Challenge, Preston UK – Day 1

New indoor courts (7 at an ITF3 !), and the hotel just across the road. What a great surprise! 🙂 I must remember to revisit and include the imminent Boston tournament practically next door next time…

The first round was an easy win 6-0, 6-0 against Swetman (GBR). Sadly, next round is against Shraga Wienberg (ISR) (seeded first), really tough opposition. It is a bit tough to meet opposition being opposite extremes in terms of difficulty. (As opposed to getting a good warm-up, gearing up for when needing it…) My good friend Anders Hård and yours truly will however meet Shraga and Haim Lev (ISR, seeded 2nd) tomorrow afternoon in doubles, so there’s an opportunity to pick up some stuff on Shraga’s serves just before..:-)

Anders got a decent draw in singles and will likely be through to the semis (if he wins tomorrow against Davis (GBR)), where Shraga awaits. That is unless I produce the unexpected win of the year..;-)

English food isn’t great.. but new courts and walking distance to lodgings, accompanied by great friends are, so great performances might be in the making..:-) Finger’s crossed!

All for now, over & out!