About Me

I am Petter Edstrom, born in 1974, living in Stockholm, although raised in Umea, in the north of Sweden.

My athletic carrier started in the mid-80’s, when I tried out archery, track-‘n’-field, table tennis and swimming, eventually focusing on swimming.

100m freestyle, Aug 23 1996

During 1995-1997 I was ranked number 1 in the world in a number of short- and long course events, having set both World- and European records.
The high-point of my carrier in sports so far, was at the Paralympic games in Atlanta, USA in 1996, where I won 2 gold, 1 silver, and 2 bronze medals, and set two paralympic records (150 m medley (yes, there’s no butterfly in class ”SM3”), and 100 m freestyle, ”S3”).
Incidently, I won the ”Best Disabled Swimmer of the Year” award in Sweden in 1996.

I started playing wheelchair tennis at the end of January 2010, and am currently focusing on both athletic health and my international ranking, targeting the 2020 Paralympic Games.
My best world ranking so far, is #26 in singles and #16 in doubles (2017, Quad division).

Outside the tennis court I now am an IT process developer after more than 18 years within wireless telecommunication R&D (research and development) and management.
I enjoy classic films (in every sense of the word), jazz and blues, the mountain cabin, British sense of humor, and playing the harmonica.


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